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2015 CORVETTE / GENeration C7 / z06


When production of the C6 corvette ended after the 2013 model year, many enthusiasts wondered if GM would ever top the numbers of the ZR1, which was produced between 2009-2013. The answer to that would come in January 2014 when Chevy unveiled the 2015 Z06. With a turbocharged 6.2L V8 engine pushing 650 hp to the rear wheels and 650 ft.-lbs. of torque, a new benchmark in power was set.


The 2015 Z06 first-ever options included an 8-speed paddle shift automatic transmission capable of a sub three second 0-60...And a performance display recorder which recorded POV HD footage and a wide array of data, for racing professionals as well as the average driver. A further option included the Z07 extra-cost performance package which made the car track ready. Superior downforce levels, coupled with numerous other options gave the Z06 unparalleled numbers on road or track.



Ordered with option code RC8, or museum delivery, the car was delivered on December 17, 2014 in Bowling Green, KY. Shortly after delivery and while being filmed for inclusion in a Corvette-related pilot TV show, the car’s very first miles were recorded on the National Corvette Museum’s Motorsports Park track, which opened in July 2014, during the museum’s 20th anniversary.


This vehicle’s color, Shark Gray, was a new color for 2015. The car was ordered with virtually every available option, including the Z07 performance package.





A fixed roof was not offered because the C7 chassis is stiffer, even with the roof panel removed, than the C6 Z06.


The fenders and fender vents (used to reduce lift), front spoiler, rocker panels, and quarter panels are the body parts that are unique to the Z06. 


The correct nomenclature is “Corvette Z06.” The name Stingray is reserved for the Z06’s 460hp little brother.


While the steering wheel is the same diameter as the 'Stingray', it has a flat-bottom and uses higher-grade leather with Euro stitching.

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