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The 1962 model Corvette was the last of the C1s, or 1st Generation Corvettes. It was the last year the headlights would be visible until they re-emerged 43 years later on the 2005 Vette...first of the C-6 generation cars.


1962 was also the last year Corvette was offered only as a convertible, though an auxiliary removable hardtop was available as a $236.75 option. In 1962 , the side cove color matched the rest of the car. Contrasting colors were no longer available. And ‘62 was the first year of the much bigger and eventually classic 327ci V-8 engine. Dual 4-bbl carbs went away with the ‘62, but fuel-injection was still an option. 1,918 ‘Fuelies’ were sold in 1962.



Acquired in 2003, this ‘62 Vette has fewer than 65,000 original miles and is a ‘numbers match’ Satine Silver exterior/black interior 4-speed manual transmission car with a 327ci/340hp engine. It was also optioned with the popular ‘Wonderbar Radio’ and rare power window option. Fewer than 1 in 14 cars were ordered with power windows in 1962.





1962 was the last year for the power top on the convertible and the last of the solid rear axle corvettes.


For the first time since 1957 buyers could order the wheels in the following colors: Black, Beige, Red, Silver, or Maroon.


Stiffer springs were offered as an option that would help improve handling.

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