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2012 CORVETTE / GEN. C6 Centennial ZR1


By 2012, everyone knew the days of the C6 generation were waning. But GM still took time to acknowledge 100 years of Chevrolet through the Special Centennial Edition, available on all models of Corvette. The incredible ZR1 stats remained: 0-60mph in 3.3 seconds. 11.2 seconds through the quarter at 130.5mph. A top speed of 205mph. 638 horsepower at 6500 RPM, 604 lb-ft. of torque.

Still, refinements in the 2012 Centennial Edition ZR1 shaved several seconds off record track times, like Germany’s Nurburgring. These included a Special Performance package, featuring Michelin Sport Cup tires and Performance Traction Management. Special badging also acknowledged 100 years of Chevy.


The super-charged 6.2 liter LS9 engine power still provided a unique ‘kick in the pants’ experience during acceleration.



It was built and rolled off the line in Bowling Green on August 19, 2011. Michael Brown was there and ‘gave birth’ by starting the engine as it came off the line. This vehicle has every available option. It was finally delivered to the collection in Arlington, Texas on October 21, 2011. The most unique thing about this Centennial ZR1 is its special VIN: #100.





To celebrate its 100th birthday, Chevrolet created a racing-inspired Centennial Edition appearance and suspension package for the entire line of 2012 Corvettes. Available on all models, it features Carbon Flash Metallic paint with Centennial Satin Black wheels and red brake calipers.


ZR1 is powered by a 6.2 Liter LS9 aluminum block V8 equipped with a four-lobe Eaton® Twin Vortices Series™ supercharger with intercooler.


The ZR1 offers massive stopping power, thanks to its Brembo® Carbon Ceramic Brake rotors that weigh almost 50% less than equivalent cast-iron units. Besides reducing overall mass, they are capable of operating at 1,832° Fahrenheit (as hot as molten lava) without warping.

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