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The 1957 model Corvette has become a sought-after classic, almost to the extent the ‘57 Chevy Bel Air Convertible has. The most unique thing about the ‘57 Vette is that while several engine options were available, it was the first year for the highly-desirable fuel-injected engine, and the first year a buyer could order ‘one horsepower per cubic inch’. The premium motor offering was a 283ci/283hp V-8 fuel-injected engine. An expensive option, it raised the base price of the car roughly 25% when tacked on to an order. Of 6,339 Corvettes produced in 1957, only 240 were optioned with the new fuel-injection system.


After this new power package began hitting the streets and winning sanctioned races, (and no doubt, a few unsanctioned, as well) sales of the ‘57 Corvette almost doubled those of the ‘56 a year before.


1957 was also the first year a 4-speed manual transmission was offered as an option over the standard 3-speed. Six hundred sixty four 4-speeds were sold that year. The option added $188.30 to the cost of the car when ordered new.



Though factory-built as one of 487 ‘57 Vettes with Arctic Blue exterior , the color scheme was completely re-done in a ‘body-off’ paint restoration in the summer of 2006. It is an original ‘numbers match’ 283ci/283hp ‘Fuelie’ (fuel-injected) 4-speed. It was acquired for the collection in Ohio. The first year ‘Fuelie’ option & 4-speed shift combination adds considerable value to this car.





1957 was the first year a manual 4-speed transmission was offered as an option.


Fuel Injection was made available for the first time in 1957.


Black was the top pick color with 2,189 units built.


The limited slip differential (posi-traction) was offered as an option for the first time.

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