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Welcome, Corvette enthusiasts! I’m glad you’ve come for a visit to our newly-revamped site devoted to all things Corvette...& more. Let me suggest you start with the Virtual Tour for an overview.

Though I didn’t set out to have a collection when I acquired my first Corvette in 1985, it did evolve to that over the next 25+ years. My initial Vette remains the cornerstone of the collection, a beautifully-designed classic ’63 Split Window Coupe, now celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2013!

This collection of 13 Vettes represents a kind of capsule history of Corvette. In the collection, you’ll find at least one example from each of the first six generations, except C4. Each of the five C2 midyear Corvettes is represented, and most are either fuelies or big blocks.

The collection also includes three ‘Non-Vettes’...a frame-off restored '55 Chevy Bel Air, a rare '57 fuel-injected Bel Air convertible and a '64 Chevy Impala SS 409 with dual 4-barrels pushing horsepower to 425.

As you browse the site, you’ll see coupes, convertibles, a T-Top, milestone cars representing Corvette’s 10th, 25th & 50th anniversaries, three fuelie 4-speeds, two 427 big blocks, two Z06s and two asphalt-ripping ZR1s. The garage is custom-built for the collection and climate-controlled.

So, what's next? The C7 Generation Corvettes! We were there with press passes when the spectacular new Corvette was unveiled at the Detroit Int'l Auto Show in January 2013.

Click here to watch our report.

Thanks for stopping by. And let me hear from you about your Vettes...one or a hundred...I’m interested.

Michael Brown

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